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For more than a decade Natural Tendencies has worked to provide Charleston with the very best in landscaping design, installation and maintenance. Landscapes are our passion, contact us today to find out why.

Our Commitment as Landscaping Professionals

At Natural Tendencies Landscaping, we believe that building strong communication with our clientele is key to understanding their needs, and in return delivering landscaping services that exceed expectations. Whether you need a one-off installation or ongoing maintenance your satisfaction is our number one priority. You will be treated as we would like our family to be treated: with respect, dignity, and discretion by our professional staff.

Please put our extensive experience, advanced technology, and attention to detail to the test. If you have a question, we are always here to answer it, and will do so in a way that you can understand. We use ecologically sound landscaping practices throughout the development of your property to create safe environments for your family and your community.

It is your property, let us help you to create the environment you want, maintain your investment, and confidently present your landscape to others.

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Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please take a moment and review your experience with Natural Tendencies. Your feedback not only helps us it helps other potential customers.

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Christmas Camellias: Three Varieties That Will Brighten Your Outdoors at Christmas

Christmas Camellias: Three Varieties That Will Brighten Your Outdoors at Christmas

By Holidays, Shrubs & Plants

Create something beautiful this Christmas season with Camellias. A member of the evergreen family, these flowering shrubs provide visual interest as well as privacy when planted near and around your home. Consider the services of a knowledgeable landscape company to augment your yard and garden with these beautiful natural features. You may also choose to plant your own Camellias, as the southeastern US is the…

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Four Reasons to Re-think Your Landscape Design this Fall and Winter

Four Reasons You Should Re-think Your Landscape Design this Fall and Winter

By Landscape Design

This is an excellent time to re-think your landscape design and bring a fresh and seasonal touch to your property. Work with landscape designers and retailers to find plants to add to your curb appeal now, and spring bulbs and trees to enjoy later. Garner inspiration from your surroundings and other properties to come up with clever ways to re-configure and redesign your landscaping as…

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Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas That We LOVE

4 Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas That We LOVE

By Holidays

As the weather gets cooler, your landscaping may begin to lose some of its color and appeal. Give your exterior spaces some fall style and panache with decorating ideas that bring autumnal flavor to yard during the Thanksgiving season. Four Thanksgiving decorating ideas that you will love this season are: Invest in hay. When you think of fall, there is something inherently beautiful about fresh-cut…

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Outstanding Shrub Varieties to Plant this Fall - Loropetalum

Three Outstanding Shrub Varieties to Plant this Fall

By Shrubs & Plants

Fall is the perfect season for planting shrubs to enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you live in the Southeastern US hardiness zone, plant some flowering shrubs that will bring lush foliage and a little color to your landscape throughout the year. There are so many benefits of planting hedges and shrubs, from privacy and protection to curb appeal and energy conservation. If you want…

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Overseeding this fall will keep your lawn green all winter

Over-seeding in Fall Will Keep Your Lawn Green All Winter

By Turf

Before the leaves change color and temperatures dip, take time to add seeding your lawn to the list of fall chores. Already have a lush lawn? Over-seeding and spreading grass seed over your existing grass can be advantageous and result in a fantastic lawn year-round. Focus your seeding efforts around areas damaged by pests, disease, or summer sun. Seven things to know about seeding your…

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3 Amazing Plants That Bloom in Hot Weather

By Shrubs & Plants

Just because it is late in the summer doesn’t mean your garden has to lose its alluring color. Enjoy late summer color in your garden, yard, and landscape with some hardy flowers that bloom in the heat of the southeastern US into autumn. Three amazing plants that bring late summer color to your outdoor spaces are: Lantana Lantana likes full-sun, good drainage, and to be…

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