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As the weather gets cooler, your landscaping may begin to lose some of its color and appeal. Give your exterior spaces some fall style and panache with decorating ideas that bring autumnal flavor to yard during the Thanksgiving season.

Four Thanksgiving decorating ideas that you will love this season are:

Invest in hay.

When you think of fall, there is something inherently beautiful about fresh-cut hay. Buy bales to stack in the yard, line the drive, or greet guests on the porch this autumn and fall. Give them a Thanksgiving flavor by arranging pumpkins, gourds, and branches around and on your hay bales. Use recycled wood pallts as a sturdy foundation for your bales, which helps to keep them stable as well as protects them from the ground and moisture, which could lead to deterioration.


Make your pumpkins pretty.

Pumpkins are great, but pretty pumpkins are even better! Give your pumpkins a makeover with a coat of paint, ribbon, or a little glitter. Kids enjoy pumpkin projects, and these strategies are a lot safer than carving, which also shortens the life of the pumpkin. Use these on your porch, paths, and near the door for fall flair.

Some ways to pretty-up your pumpkins include these suggestions:

  • Spray paint your pumpkins an unexpected color, like blue or pink. Make sure to use tape to protect the stem during painting.
  • Tie large wide-ribbon bows around the stems of your pumpkins. Use groupings of three by steps, porches, or patios for an aesthetically-appealing design.
  • Cover your pumpkin with decoupage glue and apply wall paper samples, gemstones, or pom-poms. Cover the pumpkin and leave the stem natural for a chic Thanksgiving accent.

Why not wreaths?

Christmas isn’t the only time that a wreath should be hung on the door; use rustic fall wreaths and swags to evoke a Thanksgiving vibe and to bring an autumnal touch to your home. Look for simple grapevine wreaths and decorate with pine-cones, berries, or acorns. Use burlap or ribbon for a bow to finish the wreath.

Stake your stalks.

Create your own cool cornfield-effect with some simple garden stakes and dried cornstalks. Use garden stakes- solar stake lights work, too- and arrange your dried bundle of stalks around the segment protruding from the ground. Use wire or fishing-line to wrap around the bundle near the bottom, and then again about half-way up the stalks, to secure. These staked cornstalks are a great fall accent when you use them to line a path or guide the way to a garden spot.

Charleston is beautiful in the fall, so bring some Thanksgiving flair to your landscaping. Use these tips to create rustic and harvest-themed accents for your property, or call a reputable and distinguished landscaping company for fall design ideas and services.