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This is an excellent time to re-think your landscape design and bring a fresh and seasonal touch to your property. Work with landscape designers and retailers to find plants to add to your curb appeal now, and spring bulbs and trees to enjoy later. Garner inspiration from your surroundings and other properties to come up with clever ways to re-configure and redesign your landscaping as the weather turns cooler.

Here are four reasons to redesign your landscaping this fall or winter:

Plant now and enjoy later.

Fall is the best time for planting shrubs and trees as the autumnal temperatures are gentler on young trees and seedlings than the often-extreme conditions of other times of year. It is also the right time to plant bulbs; plant your daffodils in October and your tulips in November, for best springtime results.


Get ready for real estate season.

Enhance the looks of your home and potentially improve the value of your property. Thinking about selling? Waiting for the right price? There are many opinions related to the fall real estate market and why it may be the best time to buy and sell a home. Make your property as appealing as possible with manicured lawns, fall foliage, and autumnal color in your landscape design.


It is the perfect time to get outside.

Could there be a more pleasant time to get outdoors than the cool, crisp fall? Spend time in your yard and garden, getting ready for spring with bulbs and young trees, but also bringing a harvest feel or seasonal flavor to your landscaping. Late-season planting is great, and there are a lot fewer pests and mosquitoes than there are in the spring and summer; make the most of it!


Freshen up your curb appeal.

Go ahead and give your home a cool, contemporary look with some improved fall curb appeal. A big part of curb appeal is the maintenance and the chores related to your landscaping. For instance, your landscaper may be able to offer gutter-clearing services or provide tree pruning that could pose potential danger during the fierce winds of winter. These tasks, in addition to planting your spring selections and adding autumnal displays to yards, beds, and gardens, create a fall curb appeal that will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Enlist the services of local landscapers and landscape designers in Charleston, SC, and do something different this fall and winter. Consider these four reasons why it makes sense to redesign your landscaping now, and borrow ideas from wherever you feel inspired, such as other people’s properties, a neighbor’s garden, or photos that capture unique landscape features.