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Before the leaves change color and temperatures dip, take time to add seeding your lawn to the list of fall chores. Already have a lush lawn? Over-seeding and spreading grass seed over your existing grass can be advantageous and result in a fantastic lawn year-round. Focus your seeding efforts around areas damaged by pests, disease, or summer sun.

Seven things to know about seeding your lawn are:

1. Seed in early fall.

If you plan on Over-seeding, make sure to do it before the first frost. Try to get your seeding done while the daytime temps are still in the 70s and the nights don’t get much cooler than the 50s for best results. In the Southeastern US, this typically correlates with late September and October.

2. Healthy lawns are eco-friendly.

Did you know that your lawn can impact your health?  Investing time and effort into your lawn is something positive and eco-friendly that you can do, as a thriving lawn that measures around 50′-by-50′ produces enough oxygen to sustain four people.

3. Forget the pesticides.

The healthier and more-lush your lawn, the less-need there is for pesticides and weed-control chemicals. Fewer toxins equates to a healthier landscape overall.

4. Over-seeding provides instant gratification.

Over-seeding yields fast results; your lawn can show visible improvement in color and coverage often in as little as a week after seeding, depending on the weather conditions and climate, of course.

5. Water frequently.

After over-seeding your lawn, make sure to water frequently to keep the roots moist. This will help them develop a stronger system and hardiness. Keep the watering light as too-heavy watering could disrupt the distribution of seed before it has had a chance to germinate.

6. Reduce your landscape maintenance.

Seeding in the fall makes less lawn work and landscaping in the winter months. Lawn seed doesn’t need as much water or care during winter temperatures to germinate and thrive as it does during warmer, brighter times of the year.

7. Keep things cool.

Caring for your lawn in the fall ensures that you will have lush, healthy coverage in the spring. Lawns can create a cooling-effect on your property; for example, on a hot day when a sidewalk or concrete surface can reach over 100-degrees, the surface of your lawn will only reach around 75-degrees.

The best landscape services in Charleston, SC suggest seeding your lawn this fall for even better results in the spring. Over-seeding now keeps your winter lawn looking lush when conditions could be adverse. Keep these seven tips in mind and talk with your landscape professional about setting up a time to seed your lawn before the weather turns wintry.