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January 2018

Pruning Tips to Prepare for Spring

Follow These Pruning Tips and Prepare for Spring the Right Way

By Landscaping Maintenance, Shrubs & Plants

Get your trees and shrubs ready for spring with a good pruning. Pruning your trees is a smart approach to making the property safer, particularly when heavy winds and inclement weather hit. Furthermore, pruning can result in bigger, more-hardy trees by the next spring and summer season. Talk to landscape professionals for assistance in pruning larger trees, gardens, or properties.   Wondering the best way…

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Save The Crepe Myrtles! Prune Them Properly

Save The Crepe Myrtles! Don’t Lop the Top- Instead, Prune Them Properly

By Shrubs & Plants

Crepe Myrtle trees are a favorite of many southeastern yards and gardens, featuring tall, slender trunks and full, blooming foliage that brings color and shade to your property. As with all trees, pruning is key; lopping off the blooming tops is a common practice- stop! This practice can hinder and even-harm your trees: Lopping prevents aesthetically-appealing bark from forming on the tree trunk. Lopping results…

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