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Create something beautiful this Christmas season with Camellias. A member of the evergreen family, these flowering shrubs provide visual interest as well as privacy when planted near and around your home. Consider the services of a knowledgeable landscape company to augment your yard and garden with these beautiful natural features. You may also choose to plant your own Camellias, as the southeastern US is the perfect grow-zone for these hardy, flowering plants.


Brighten your holidays with these Christmas Camellias:


Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’

The alluring Camellia sasanqua or ‘Yuletide’ Camellia is perfect for the season with its rich red blooms and dark, evergreen foliage. These are relatively easy to grow, requiring well-drained soil and sun, but not directly. The Yuletide Camellia grows slowly but has the potential to soar and reach heights of up to ten-feet, so position this plant wisely. If your soil is not loose or is less-than ideal, consider planting in a large container for a porch, patio, or inside your home.


Camellia hybrid ‘Christmas Rose’

If you want a beautiful Camellia hybrid for your seasonal landscape, choose ‘Christmas Rose’. This is a shallow-rooted plant, so make sure to only plant it as deep as the height of your Camellia’s root-ball. Make the hole about twice as wide and till the soil so it is loose before adding a generous amount of organic additives. The blossoms range in hue from deep pink to white, and they typically are around three-to-five-inches in diameter.


Camellia hybrid ‘Winter’s Star’

Pretty pink flowers with vibrant yellow centers set the Camellia hybrid called ‘Winter’s Star’ apart from all other members of the Camellia family. Like other Camellias, Winter’s Star prefers moist, well-drained soil that is rich and organic. Blooming each fall, this hybrid offers a burst of color in an otherwise muted autumnal landscape. This variety typically grows to be around five-to-six-feet in height, and will spread when pruned and groomed.


Some tips to help your Christmas Camellias thrive include:

  • Plant Camellias in well-drained soil with organic compost added.
  • Position Camellias in spots with no direct sun or heavy winds that could dry out your plant.
  • Plant your Camellia in the spring, March to April, or the fall, October to November, for best results.
  • Camellias are slow-growers, so be patient! With care, you may find that they can reach heights of ten-feet or higher! Groom your shrub to create a spread that provides privacy or security, as needed.


Christmas Camellias bring a pop of color to your home’s landscape, particularly during a season when much of the foliage and flora are waning. Talk with Natural Tendencies about adding these beautiful shrubs to your property, as well as the best types for your garden, yard, and climate.