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If you think about it, your yard and garden are merely an extension of your home’s interior, and as such, should reflect some of your own personal style. Echo the style of your home and lifestyle in your greenspaces for a place that you and your loved ones enjoy spending time, and that serves a smooth and cohesive transition from the inside, out.

Does your outdoor living space reflect your own personal landscape style?

Serene Sanctuary

Are you looking for a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day? Perhaps you should style your outdoor living space to be a serene sanctuary, where comfort is key and tranquility awaits. Some features of your outdoor space will be natural foliage that is easy to take care of, no-stress, and simple comfortable furnishings. A fire-pit in the center of your space will provide ambiance, lighting, and a place to cook or roast, as desired.

Choose pendant lamps and string lights to add atmosphere and needed illumination. Consider implementing a water feature, like a small tabletop fountain, for the restful sound of trickling water.

Family Fun Zone

If you are a family-person, you may want to make your outdoor living space into a fun zone, where every member of the family can find something that they love. Create expansive stretches of lawn for games and rough-housing, but make sure to keep the grass maintained. Go with comfortable conversation sets for furniture and surround a pool or other feature that the whole family can enjoy. Choose easy-to-care for annuals and create beds that can be protected and out-of-the-way from children and pets.

A Place to Gather

If you are a social butterfly, then entertaining is important to you. Transform your outdoor living space into a place for family and friends to gather. Invest in outdoor sectional seating and consider upgrading the space to include an outdoor kitchen. Pay attention to your lawn to keep it healthy and lush, plant what you like, but be realistic about what you can maintain. You don’t want to invite your guests to spend time in your landscape if it is withered and brown.

Rustic Country

If you are a little bit country, keep your outdoor living spaces rustic and welcoming. Plant native species, like wildflowers and ornamental grasses or opt for vegetable patches. For furniture, go with hammocks, lounge chairs, and a big country swing underneath a tree or in a favorite spot. Consider installing a pergola or arbor for a country-themed focal point.

Clean and Cutting-Edge

For a clean and contemporary living area, create linear beds and natural features. Trim hedges and shrubs symmetrically and keep trees in a single line for aesthetic appeal.  Choose plants that are tough to grow, not common, and keep your property well-manicured and neatly trimmed.

Choose modern, minimal furnishings with dual purposes. For instance, choose simple outdoor chairs with cube-style ottomans that open up for outside storage.

Work with an expert landscape services company based in Charleston, SC, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, to create an outdoor living space that reflects your style and personality. Make the most of the mild weather and Carolinian climate with landscaping and greenspaces that serve as an extension of your home.