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Overseeding this fall will keep your lawn green all winter

Over-seeding in Fall Will Keep Your Lawn Green All Winter

By Turf

Before the leaves change color and temperatures dip, take time to add seeding your lawn to the list of fall chores. Already have a lush lawn? Over-seeding and spreading grass seed over your existing grass can be advantageous and result in a fantastic lawn year-round. Focus your seeding efforts around areas damaged by pests, disease, or summer sun. Seven things to know about seeding your…

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3 Amazing Plants That Bloom in Hot Weather

By Shrubs & Plants

Just because it is late in the summer doesn’t mean your garden has to lose its alluring color. Enjoy late summer color in your garden, yard, and landscape with some hardy flowers that bloom in the heat of the southeastern US into autumn. Three amazing plants that bring late summer color to your outdoor spaces are: Lantana Lantana likes full-sun, good drainage, and to be…

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