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It is easy to alter and improve your landscape with simple landscaping projects and basic maintenance. Talk to landscape professionals in the area about making changes that enhance your home’s greenspace and augment overall curb appeal.

Transform your landscape with these simple landscaping projects:

A Clean Slate

Start your landscape projects with a blank-slate by clearing, cleaning, and trimming your yard and greenspace. This includes tasks like pruning and raking, so you can get a better idea of what you are working with. This may also inspire projects that you had not considered and uncover space you didn’t realize you had!

Bounty of Blooms

Plant a wide-range of flowers and consider when they will bloom. For instance, plant calendula, hydrangeas, and daisies in the spring for summer color and mums, sunflowers, and black-eyed Susan’s for fall flora. Choose both perennials and annuals, which will stagger blooming seasons and provide year-round flowers in your landscape.

Good Ground Cover

Surround flower beds, trees, and yard features with a good-quality mulch; plus, a bark mulch helps enrich the soil over time, as it breaks down. Choose vegetative ground cover for large areas that are problematic or typically brown. Talk to your landscaper about cover including Salvia, Hosta, and St. John’s Wort, which is particularly effective for sloped terrain.

Effortless Hardscapes

Another way to dramatically transform your landscape is with hardscapes, which require minimal maintenance and care. For example, install patios, pergolas, or arbors to showcase and highlight your garden and yard. Or, choose unique yard-art, fountains, and bird-baths to add charm and personality to the property. Some other hardscaping ideas include:

  • Boulders or stone features.
  • Furnishings and outdoor conversation spaces.
  • Man-made ponds.
  • Firepits, fireplaces, and outdoor ovens.
  • Meandering paths or walkways.

Make sure to show-off your hardscaping with outdoor lighting solutions; use cool-blue LED lights for a crisp, clean effect; warm-yellow LED for a cozy, welcoming vibe.

Natural Surroundings

Don’t forget about your natural surroundings, like trees and foliage; augment the landscape with conifer shrubs or fruit trees to provide year-round foliage for your greenspace. Create natural barriers, hedges, and walls with various shrubs and plants; talk to your landscape professional to learn more.

Enhancing your yard, garden, and exteriors has a positive impact on the property’s overall curb appeal, which directly relates to the value of your home. Keeping up on landscape maintenance is well-worth the investment of a regular landscaping from local companies that offer year-round service provision.

Want to give your home’s landscape a transformation? Work with a local expert landscape professional in Charleston, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, for some ideal solutions for Carolinian greenspaces. Create something dramatic and alluring in your exteriors and enhance the appearance of your entire property!