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Fall is the best time to prepare your yard for the rest of the year, particularly in South Carolina. The climate is ideal for outdoor chores and pests are at a year-round low. Plan your fall planting knowing that the weather is mild until January or February when temperatures dip and there could be frost.


Prepare your yard and garden for the rest of the year right now:


Ideas for Irrigation

Fall is the right time to consider your irrigation system; effective irrigation is integral year-round. The Carolinas get significant rain in the fall and winter, and many plants can sustain themselves on about an inch of water per week. Too much water can lead to run off and root rot, so keep drainage in-mind when designing your landscape.

Tree Trimming Time

Keep trees trimmed and wrap the trunks in burlap or cotton before winter. Apply mulch within an inch of the trunk to protect during southern storms or extreme weather. Plant young trees in the fall to give them the winter months to adapt, adjust, and become hardy enough to grow and mature later.

Time to Plant

You can plant many varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs up until Thanksgiving, due to the mild climate and long growing season in South Carolina. When planting in fall, skip the annuals and look at perennials that will bloom in the following spring.

Sod the Lawn

Fall is the time to think about your spring and summer grass. You may choose to ‘over-seed’ your lawn this time of year for a green southern landscape all winter, or sod your lawn now for a lush lawn next spring.

Add Mulch

Make sure that you are mulching your beds, borders, and gardens for insulation and to preserve moisture. Don’t worry about freezing; in coastal South Carolina, you won’t have to worry much about frozen ground, ice, or snow affecting your landscaping.

Choose Perennials

Fall is the time to plant perennials in South Carolina, but make sure to choose salt-tolerant perennials if you live on the water. Consider options like lantana, sea oats, primrose, rosemary, goldenrod, and lavender cotton. If you live on the Carolina coast, make sure you are choosing salt-tolerant trees, shrubs, and grasses, too.

Hire a Professional

Now is a great time to think about hiring a landscape services company in Charleston now, for year-round maintenance and beauty. Don’t forget that your landscaping is an integral part of your property’s curb appeal; maintaining it is an investment in your home. Some other services provided by a professional landscape services company include:

  • Lawn and Landscape Maintenance.
  • Seasonal Cleanups.
  • Expert Pruning/Trimming.
  • Irrigation System Optimization.
  • Annual Color Installation.
  • Container Planting.
  • Organic Integration.

Ask landscapers for estimates for year-round service provision, and know that the elements won’t impact your property’s curb appeal.

Fall is the best time to prepare your landscape, yard, and greenspaces for the rest of the year. Talk to an expert landscape services company in Charleston, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, for more tips and tactics to keep your property fresh and ready for whatever the season brings.