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Autumn and fall don’t need to be the end of your beautiful landscape and garden; the South Carolinian weather is ideal for fall garden displays that will bring color and vibrancy to your entire property. The key is choosing elements that are congruent with the climate.


Showcase a beautiful fall garden with these fall garden ideas:

Choose fall-blooming plants.

Plant fall blooming flowers and plants to ensure your landscape doesn’t wither at summer’s end. Choose flora like mums, yarrow, and black-eyed Susan for a warm, autumnal color palette that is perfect for the cooler temperatures and fall holiday displays.


Make the most of fall foliage.

Embrace the rich colors of fall foliage by maintaining, pruning, and planting trees that promise to display the hues of fall. Choose something different, like a fall fruit tree, for an autumnal focal point that brings yellow, green, and brown to your landscape. A great option in this hardiness zone is a persimmon tree, which are easy to grow.


Pay attention to hardscapes.

Hardscapes are non-living elements of your landscape, such as patios, fountains, and furnishings. Put some effort and time into creating outdoor living spaces that won’t falter in the fall weather; for instance, arrange furnishings around a stone firepit for guests to sit and warm-by on cool evenings. Some other hardscape features that work well in fall include yard-art, hay-bales, and light fixtures.


Transform with topiary trees.

For a dramatic fall garden, add topiary trees to your landscape. These potted trees are easy to train and trim to create unique shapes for your property. Talk with landscape professionals about getting started with topiaries and for maintenance to assist in keeping their shape later-on.


Plant grass.

Native grasses are easy to grow and frequently thrive in the autumnal weather. Ornamental grasses add motion to your landscape, waving and moving in the breeze. These are excellent options for borders and tiered-gardens, when you want some height to accentuate other garden features.


Enhance the entry.

Capture attention with a bold and beautiful entry to your property; plant colorful container gardens and distinctive pots near the garden entrance or door to your home. Talk to landscape and garden professionals for fall suggestions and create unique containers in varying heights for visual interest.

Fall doesn’t mean that you have to give-up on a beautiful, blooming landscape. Choose plants and features that are well-suited to the southeastern US and discuss service provision with local landscaping companies for timely maintenance.

Showcase a beautiful fall garden this year and create color, movement, and curb appeal when the weather turns cooler. For assistance in choosing the best plants for the South Carolinian climate, speak with the landscape professionals at Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, an expert landscape services company in Charleston.