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Bring a little distinction to your yard and landscape this summer with color. Adding color to your annual gardens, beds, and displays will enhance curb appeal during warmer months while also providing you with ample cuttings for floral arrangements and bouquets. Talk to a landscape professional about implementing more color into your greenspace.

Bring some color to your summer landscape with these tips:

Plan on annuals.

Choose colorful annuals that you plant each season to create a palette for the rest of your landscape. It is important to choose annuals that are resilient to extreme temperatures and drought-resistant in this climate. Talk to a landscape and gardening professional to learn more.

Opt for ornamental grasses.

Ornamental grasses are the perfect accompaniment to complement your colorful annuals. These provide taller foliage to offset and frame your flowers, beds, or shrubs. In the south, some good grass options include Blue Gamma, Feather Reed, and River Oats.

Choose neutral tones to highlight.

Neutral toned plants and flora enhance the looks of everything else, creating contrast with your colorful displays. Choose silver and white plants, like Dusty Miller, Sea Holly, Russian Sage, and Catmint, in this region of the US for a dramatic landscape.

Relax with pastels.

Still unsure which colors to plant? Try pastel flowering plants for shady spots; they typically require less sun and create a relaxing vibe and mood in your outdoor space.

Stimulate with bold color.

Choose spots that provide full sun for brightly-colored varieties; these deep hues also can make the space seem smaller. These vibrant colors also create a more energizing display for you to enjoy.

Check out the color wheel.

Another approach to consider is to use a color wheel; check out the shades and hues that best-pair and that will work best with whatever foliage, flora, or surroundings you currently have. The wheel is based on the colors red, yellow, and blue, and will show you which plants should be cultivated close-by for optimal results.

Think about year-round choices.

Don’t ignore color in your landscape during other seasons; check out year-round options from nurseries and garden retailers to add color to your landscape and fresh flowers any time. For example, plant sunflowers and chrysanthemums for fall displays, and crocus, tulip, and daffodils for springtime color.

It is important to work with landscape professionals that are familiar with the southeastern climate in the Carolinas to achieve the best results and choose the hardiest plants for your greenspace. These experts will offer insight and advice that could save you time, money, and energy in the long-run.


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