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If you want to make changes or upgrades to your home to improve its overall value, start outside. A recent report from the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals shows that landscape enhancements are a pragmatic approach for both optimal enjoyment and potential resale.

If you want to preserve or improve the value of your property, consider some practical landscape enhancements and protect a major investment – your home!

Maintain the lawn, foliage, and landscape.

Let’s be honest: your lawn and landscape are the first thing that someone sees when visiting your home. Maintaining your lawn and trees show care and thoughtfulness, giving your home a polished look. Don’t overlook simple tasks like mowing or pruning shrubs to create a dramatic landscape; start with the fundamentals.

Install and implement irrigation systems.

If you have any gardening or greenspace, you know how important irrigation is. Install an irrigation system that makes beds, borders, and gardens easier now, and later if you decide to sell. This could be a great selling-point for anyone with a green-thumb that is looking to buy property.

‘Wow’ with wonderful water features.

One way to ‘wow’ people that visit your home is with a water feature, like a pool, pond, or fountain. These can be installed or upgraded, depending on what you currently have on your property. Lacking greenspace? Don’t worry; buy a small solar fountain for your deck, patio, or porch.

Add some warmth with an outdoor fire.

Another sure-fire way to appeal to the masses is with an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. These features provide additional outdoor living space – even if it is a small patio or yard. Play it up with comfortable chairs, outdoor accents, and lighting.

Construct a deck.

Even the smallest of yards and gardens is big enough for a deck! Talk to a landscape contractor about building decks around your property. Many buyers look for quality wood decks, but make sure to buy materials that won’t deteriorate in the damp Carolinian climate.

Don’t overlook your landscape lighting.

Make sure that you install adequate lighting for safety when walking around your property, but also to transform the looks of your landscape after-dark. Talk to a landscape and design expert to find solar LED options, which are very cost-effective, to create distinctive, colorful, and inviting ambiance to your property.

All contribute to overall curb appeal, which is key in attracting potential buyers, but don’t forget about the shorter-term benefits. Install and add landscaping features that you – and your loved ones – can enjoy now, making the investment even more worth-while, regardless if you ever choose to sell your home.

Create a plan to improve your home’s curb appeal and improve its overall value with an expert landscape services company, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, for Charleston area homeowners. They will help you create a property that is a pleasure to spend time in, and that is attractive to potential real estate investors.