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Spring gardening is just around the corner; are you ready? Make the most out of spring gardening and the beautiful weather with some simple early-spring chores and tasks that will lead to lush landscaping later. 

Some tips to prepare for your spring gardens are:

First, organize your tools.

Start the spring with organized and maintained tools and materials. Throw out any outdated additives or chemicals and sharpen and clean your landscaping tools. 

Order what you need.

Go ahead and organize delivery of sod, mulch, gravel, or fill for your landscape projects. The time is now if you want to get a jump-start!

Write it down.

Start keeping a journal of everything yard and garden-related. This includes what you do to the landscape – like weed, mow, or mulch – as well as the weather and temperatures. This can be quite helpful when making plans for the following year’s landscape.

Clean and clear.

Clear your drainage ditches, and gutters while you are at it. This ensures water is efficiently guided where it needs to go and absorbed, without damaging run-off.

Make structural repairs.

Make repairs to structural elements of your property that could be hurting your curb appeal. Repair fencing, fix trellises, and paint arbors – whatever you need to do to improve the look of the land.

Have your soil tested.

Do yourself a favor and get your soil tested; the results of your test will determine the pH and whether lime is needed. Spring is the time to apply lime but make sure to cover it with a tarp or plastic to keep lime safe from seasonal run-off.

Begin a compost pile.

Begin composting for the season ahead. You can buy a simple, countertop-style compost bin if you don’t want to start one outside yet. This will be a nutritious and organic additive to fertilize your plants with later.

Till and aerate the earth.

Aerate and rototill the soil to make it loose and airy for planting season. You can rent or lease tillers, if needed.

Trim the foliage.

Prune and trim trees, shrubs and hedges in early-spring to allow for optimal blooms, flowers, and growth later.

Start your seedlings.

Early spring is the time to plant some seedlings or starters in trays inside your house. Germinate your seeds with moist towel or newspaper, and then add to peat-pockets or soil until it is time to plant outdoors.

Talk to an expert.

Don’t have time for everything you need to do to get ready for spring gardening?  Hire an expert landscape service company near Charleston to do it for you!

For assistance getting your home and property ready for spring, contact Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, an expert landscape services company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Their experience working with low-country homeowners gives them an edge when preparing, designing, and caring for your lawn, gardens, and greenspaces.