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Transform and turn-up your landscape this year with some intriguing lighting ideas to illuminate and highlight your home. Talk to your landscape design professionals about the best options for your property.

Try these nine trends for your landscape lighting this year:


Portable Lamps  

An effective and efficient way to alter the atmosphere of your outdoor spaces is with inexpensive portable floor lamps. These can be moved in and around your exteriors and are weather-resistant. These are perfect when you want to warm-up an outdoor area for entertaining or lounging.

LED Solar Lights  

If you really want to curb costs, check out the available options in LED solar lighting. From spot-lights to foot-lights, LED is long-lasting and energy-efficient. Add to this the element of solar energy, and you have an illuminating landscape feature that costs you virtually nothing.

Rope Lights  

For a fun, celebratory touch, add some rope lights to your railings, trees, and posts. These are widely found in a range of colors; go wild!


Chandeliers bring a cool touch and elegant vibe to an outdoor space; there is something paradoxical about a typically indoor feature outside that makes it an inventive and intriguing focal point. You can upgrade or upcycle an old chandelier with solar lights or flameless candles so that it will be resilient in all kinds of weather. If you want permanent fixtures, talk to your landscape design team.


Bright and bold color themes are definitely-in this season. Imagine greeting a new parent with a yard swathed in baby blue or pink or inviting the guys over for the game and illuminating the landscape with the team colors. Choose light fixtures that offer a range of colors beyond the basic cool and warm-white bulbs.

Water Features  

 If you have water features, like pools, ponds, or fountains, light them up! Make sure that you have ample lighting around the feature for safety and something creative to make it distinctive. For instance, floating lights are an interesting option that cost very-little to operate. Talk to landscape professionals to find water-resistant and pragmatic lights for your water feature.

Pendant Lamps  

Another trendy idea is to incorporate illuminated pendants or pendant lamps into your landscape. These are another lighting solution that is most-commonly found inside, so when you see pendants hanging from a porch, deck, eave, or tree, it creates an inviting allure. Just make sure that your fixture is adapted to be outside in wind and rain.

Safety Lighting  

Don’t forget to incorporate safety into your lighting plan. Implement step and path lights to guide guests and visitors safely around your property. LED makes the most sense, economically.


Before adding any light fixtures, consider the extra convenience of remotes and controls. This will allow you to alter the lighting and change the mood with the touch of your finger. It is well-worth the added effort.

When you are ready to incorporate any of these nine lighting ideas into your landscape, talk to the experts at Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals in Charleston.