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If you are looking for a way to increase the curb appeal and overall value of your property, plant a tree! Planting trees doesn’t cost a lot and it provides numerous benefits for you, including:

  • Provide oxygen in the air that you breathe.
  • Prevents erosion.
  • Keeps your property cool.

The key for planting trees in your backyard is to choose the right ones that won’t overtake your property or create a lot of work to maintain. Talk to a landscape professional for suggestions to lead you to the best tree to plant in your Carolinian landscape.

Consider these four factors when selecting the right backyard tree for your home:


Pay attention to height.

The first thing to think about before buying your tree is the expected height of the species. Will your yard accommodate a tree of that height? Also, consider utility lines overhead that a tree may interfere with. It also helps to take a good look around to determine if a mature tree could impede your property’s view.


Watch the width.

Don’t just look at the height of your new tree; also consider the width or spread of the tree. It is easy for a wide-spreading tree to take-over smaller properties and create too much obscurity, though these may be ideal for homeowners looking to enhance privacy and security.


Think about the canopy.

The canopy of a tree is the lower layers of branches and foliage that create shade and control light. Consider carefully whether you want shade or if a full-canopied tree will prevent sun from reaching your yard and garden. This is a decision that benefits from the insight of a professional landscape services company.


Does it create debris?

Finally, consider the amount of debris that your tree will create in your landscape. Check out the branches and tips of a mature tree of the same species; will you have any issues maintaining your property? Some trees drop nuts, seeds, or fruit and pruning is key, but never when the tree is in bloom. Trim branches that could cause an issue in heavy wind or that could fall and cause property damage.


There are trees to suit any greenspace, so don’t lose faith if your yard won’t accommodate a mighty Maple or if fruit trees are too messy for your property. The South Carolina climate is ideal for many different trees, including:

  • Shady Ash and Magnolia.
  • Bald Cypress and Birch tree borders.
  • Fast-growing Cedar and Elm.
  • Slow-creeping Gingko and Black-gum.
  • Pretty Pecan or Pine.

Take time to select the right tree for your backyard so you have no regrets later-on.

Want to do something that enhances everyday life as well as the overall value of your property? Plant a tree! Talk to a professional landscape services company in Charleston, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals about the best tree for your backyard.