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If you are planning to get away for a bit for a vacation or much-needed respite, take care to ensure your plants, gardens, or landscape will thrive during your absence. Few things are as frustrating as returning from a recuperative holiday to find lush plants, lawns, and gardens, withered, brown, and dry.

Take these steps and use these tips to ensure your plants survive while you are away:

Compromise on light.

If you won’t be home to tend your plants, place them in indirect light to ensure they don’t die while you are gone. While some of your species may need more sun, they won’t whither and will conserve water in the roots during your absence.


Water well before you go.

Naturally, you will want to water your plants well before leaving. Check any planters or liners to ensure the roots are not sitting in water to prevent rot, which can happen quickly.


Gather your plants together.

Try to group your plants together to create a mini eco-system that will thrive better than when individual pots are isolated. Together, your plants can create moisture and humidity, which helps them thrive while you are away.


Add humidity to the home.

Speaking of conserving moisture, add humidity to the space to help plants during your vacation. This might include adding rocks and an inch of water to a shallow pan to set your plants in. Make sure the bottom of the plant pots are not submerged or you could rot the roots.


Cover up to conserve.

Covering up the soil around the plants stems, stalks, and trunks can help them preserve and contain moisture while you are on vacation. Try adding a little mulch or moss to cover up the earth and conserve water in the root system. Try bark mulch or Spanish moss, which are both inexpensive approaches.


Take time to trouble-shoot.

Before you walk out the door, troubleshoot potential issues that could compromise your plants. If you use a watering system, check it for issues as well as observe the best spot in preceding days for optimal light. Make note of your home’s temperature; these steps can pinpoint problems and ensure your plants will be okay.


Enlist some help.

Still worried about your plants? Enlist the help of a sitter who will check-in and on your plants while you are away. Talk to area landscape professionals for some reputable recommendations.

Are you planning to go away on vacation this season? Talk to an expert landscape services company in the Charleston area for advice and assistance in tending your plants and landscape while you are away. Let the professionals at Natural Tendencies advise and guide you to ensure your investment thrives and prospers in your absence!