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To add something to enhance your backyard landscape, but that won’t require a lot of care or maintenance, a small water feature fits the bill nicely and can be installed easily and quickly.


Some benefits of a small water feature in your backyard are:



A simple water feature can enhance your curb appeal.


There are few things as relaxing as the soothing white-noise of a bubbling fountain.


A water feature can attract wildlife, creating an eco-system of sorts.

Small water features don’t require a lot of maintenance to enhance and improve your property. Talk to a professional landscape designer for help planning and installing yours today.


Natural Tendencies just installed this vase fountain that spills over and disappears into the rock work.



Enhance your backyard landscape with a small water feature:


Use the power of the sun.

A lot of free-standing fountains that you can easily position in your lawn or garden use the sun for power. These solar fountains often have light features to create a beautiful display that improves overall curb appeal. Make sure to trim any tree canopies that could impede sunlight reaching your fountain.

Save space with vertical features.

To save square footage, consider vertical water features, like waterfalls. Waterfalls can be adapted to short foundations, like a retaining wall, or more expansive spaces, like an exterior wall of your home. Talk to your landscape designer to learn more.

Go with a classy columnar fountain.

Columnar fountains are classy and bring an air of sophistication to your exterior spaces. These are often outfitted with lights and remote-control technology to make them easy to operate. Prepare the area with a firm foundation of sand or other aggregate to ensure the fountain is level and stable.

Dig a pond.

Want something a bit bigger? Consider adding a man-made pond to your abode. It is easy-enough to install a small pond that will fast become the focal point of your entire landscape. Bring your pond to life this weekend:

  • Buy a prefabricated pond-liner at a home improvement store or venue.
  • Dig a hole about six-inches deeper than the depth of your pond-liner; line the hole with a couple inches of sand to support and hold your liner.
  • Add the liner and fill in around the perimeter to create a snug fit. Camouflage the top border with plants, stones, or turf.

Know that ponds do contribute to the eco-system and attract wildlife, which could get messy. Plan on regular maintenance to remove droppings and debris left behind.

Stick with something small.

Perhaps your property doesn’t have the space for a pond or even a free-standing fountain or waterfall. Landscape designers suggest that you keep things simple; invest in a tabletop fountain, instead. While these small electric or battery-operated features won’t attract wildlife, they do provide a cool vibe and serene space in the home.

Ready to reap the rewards of a small water feature in your landscaping? Talk to a professional landscape services company in Charleston, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals, about the best fountain, pond, or feature for your distinct yard and garden.