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It makes sense to use native plants in your southern gardens, as these species thrive and prosper in the Carolinian climate. This region is known for its long, humid summers and mild winters, which is the ideal environment for many colorful and lush plants. Talk to a Charleston landscape services company to find the perfect plants for your garden, yard, and property.

It makes sense to grow native plants in your Southern spaces this season:

Hardy and Adaptable

What exactly are native species, you ask? Typically, these are plants that are well-adapted to the region and conditions, and that are hardier than other species. Look for time-tested plants that are grown and sold locally. Most often, area landscape companies offer a wide-range of plants that thrive in the Carolinian climate.

Easy to Maintain

Native species are easier to maintain, since they are well-adjusted to the environment. These plants will need less-water and additives, like compost or fertilizer, to thrive. These plants are usually more resistant to pests, disease, and damage than non-native species are. Since these plants require little attention to succeed, these are great choices for novice gardeners in the region.


Buying and planting native species is also an eco-friendly approach to your landscaping. With community growth and development comes a loss of native plant species, which tragically, could result in extinction of these varieties. By using native plants in your yards and gardens, it preserves these species and prevents them from becoming obsolete.

Helps Wildlife

Healthy and hardy native plants produce big and beautiful blooms and flowers, which, in turn, helps the wildlife of the region, too. The seeds, nuts, fruit, and nectar of these species of native plants is a kind and natural way to help the wildlife around your home and creating a harmonious eco-system.

Specific Species

Wondering which specific species of plants will do best? In the South Carolina, some southern varieties that will thrive include trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, ferns, and perennials.

Trees: Southern magnolia, dogwood, palmetto, red maple.

Shrubs: Chokeberry, blueberry, azalea, holly, yucca, hydrangea.

Vines: Wisteria, purple passion flower.

Grasses: Northern sea oats, switchgrass, Shenandoah.

Ferns: Christmas, cinnamon, ostrich.

Perennials: Aster, goldenrod, verbena, iris, phlox, black-eyed Susan, coneflower, echinacea.


These plants will bring color and beauty, but also hold up well to the rigors of the southeastern US climate, which often involves relentless heat, drought, and sandy soil. These native plants thrive in this region, which boasts one of the country’s longest growing seasons.

Invest in native species for your property and landscape. Talk to an expert landscape services company based in Charleston, Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals. We know the region and what will thrive in your garden and greenspace.