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Camellias are a hardy choice for wide-spreading shrubs that will enhance and improve your landscape. These flowering evergreen shrubs feature brightly-colored blossoms, around 4″ in diameter, that create beautiful curb appeal. Contact a knowledgeable landscape professional near Charleston for more information, or visit retailers to find the perfect plants for your property.


Planting camellias? Use these planting tips to give your shrubs a great start:


Plant in the fall.

Make sure to plan on planting your camellias in the fall, and choose a spot that is protected from direct sunlight and drying winds until immature shrubs have enough foliage to withstand these conditions. Dig a hole that is as deep as the height of the root ball, and around twice as wide. This will provide plenty of loose soil around the root ball, which helps young roots adapt and thrive when planted.


Keep the soil loose.

As for the soil, any loose soil or backfill will do, but make sure that you add around 10-15% compost. Choose an organic compost that will enrich the soil for your shrub to prosper. Since camellias have shallow-roots, loosen the soil around the root ball and add compost to help nurture the roots when planting. This will serve to increase the plant’s chances at thriving and surviving the cooler temperatures ahead.


Make sure to mulch.

Adding a couple of inches of a high-quality bark mulch can protect new plants and shrubs. Don’t mulch too close to the plant’s trunk, however, as this may cause some rot. Mulching helps maintain moisture, keep young plants warm, and prevent weeds. You may choose to take a decorative approach to mulching your shrubs by selecting bark mulch products that are cohesive with your home’s colors and curb appeal; for instance, black mulch is stately and refined, while red mulch is more rustic and vibrant. Talk to your landscaping professionals about other popular options in South Carolina.


Water well.

Water the root ball well before planting, and soak the mulch thoroughly once planted. Soil with good drainage will also maintain moisture and help camellias thrive and prosper.


Don’t ignore them.

Camellias will need a little maintenance for long-term prosperity of newly-planted shrubs. Keep them protected, and you may see spread of up to 25′, depending on the variety and location of your shrub. Camellias are known to be slow growers, so don’t expect miracles overnight. Take comfort in knowing that caring for camellias now ensures you will have hardy, healthy shrubbery later!


Talk to Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals in Charleston for shrubs to provide privacy, protection, and beauty on your property. Use these tips when choosing camellias, and enjoy the year-round aesthetic appeal and hardiness of this South Carolina landscape staple.