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There is so much to love about mulch; first, it is low-cost and contributes to an eco-friendly and green landscape and garden. There are many other benefits found associated with mulching; want to reap some of the rewards for your garden and green-space?

It has great curb appeal.

Mulch will give your property some great curb appeal. Chipped bark and plant matter used in mulch creates uniformity and visual interest around beds, on turf, or between plants. It is also a great way to cover-up recent diggings, frayed edges, and to give a tree or shrub a polished appearance.

Mulch keeps the dust down.

Using mulch around the property helps to keep dust down which results in less dirt and debris being dragged-in to your home. Rain, wind, or activity can stir up loose topsoil, creating dust and dirt in the air, on your car, and even on people using the space. Mulch keeps the dirt and dust contained.

Mulching preserves moisture.

Mulching plants preserves moisture, which results in healthier plants. When you water your gardens and plants, mulch helps maintain and protect the moisture, so it wont evaporate as quickly. Mulch also contributes to keeping the soil at a comfortable temperature which will help your plants thrive.

It helps prevent weeds.

Using mulch can block out the sun underneath, which prevents weed growth. Using a layer of protective garden fabric between the soil and the mulch will further keep weeds at bay, while also creating a good foundation for the mulch to lay on.

It protects your plants.

Mulch protects trees and plants by serving as a bit of a buffer. When you mow or tend to your yard, lawn equipment may come close or possibly damage your trees, shrubs, and other foliage. Mulch helps prevent this from occurring.

Mulch makes your soil better.

Over time, mulch can enrich and improve the overall quality of your topsoil. This is a compelling reason to buy rich, organic mulch whenever possible. This also makes it an effective way of reducing your carbon-footprint and moving toward an eco-friendly landscape.

It reduces disease.

Did you know that mulch can help prevent disease? Mulch helps to prevent soil-borne diseases from impacting your plants by shielding the soil from contaminants in the air, water, or wildlife. Don’t your plants deserve to be safe from sickness?

There are many reasons why mulch makes sense in southern US homes. Are you feeling ready to reap some rewards from mulching this season? Work with a top-notch landscape services company in Charleston. Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals would be happy to work with you to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.