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In the southern United States, Boxwoods are making a big comeback. Once popular evergreens, lately many have overlooked the countless uses and types of Boxwoods that can have such a variety of purposes on your property. Bring back the ease and visual appeal in your yard this season with your own Boxwood evergreens.

Boxwoods are back for the southern landscape; explore your options:


Focal Points

If you want to add a dramatic focal point to your landscaping, you can’t go wrong with Boxwoods. Boxwood evergreens make excellent topiaries, sturdy, resilient, and slow-growing. Topiaries are trimmed and shaped trees that can be used alongside your front door, as a center of a garden bed, or in a pot – wherever you choose! Some selections, like Variegated English Boxwood, are particularly renowned for being the ideal plant for topiary trees and meticulous trimmed landscaping features.



Hedges serve an important purpose on your property, providing security and privacy for many homeowners. When choosing the right plants for your hedges, you will want to find foliage and shrubs that will obscure you, your family, and home from prying eyes; Boxwoods are excellent choices for taller, protective hedges, and different varieties will provide you with the density and grow-rates that are conducive to a full, lush hedge. Choose the selection Green Velvet when you have taller hedges in-mind, or Baby Gems for shorter walls and hedges.



Boxwoods also provide the perfect borders and partitions for beds or gardens. Some of the shorter-growing evergreens, like Justin Brouwer’s Boxwood, produce the smaller, waxy leaves for definition among your rows, tiers, or beds. This can provide a sense of symmetry that is flattering not just to your Boxwoods, but to all of the other plants, foliage, and flowers surrounding them. It is also a great way to create unique, eclectic beds and gardens that still maintain a sense of organization and cohesion with the other features, plants, and foliage in your space.


Some other things to know about Boxwoods include these tips:

  • Gardeners have a vast range of options with Boxwoods, as there are 90 species, and around 365 selections to choose from, each with distinct differences and recommendations.
  • Established Boxwood plants are relatively low-maintenance.
  • Boxwoods are hardy and thrive in the South Carolina climate
  • With good irrigation, Boxwoods can be planted any time of the year, except in extreme heat.
  • Water once a week until well-established, but less often in wet climates.
  • No need to fertilize your Boxwoods, but use good organic soil and plant in the shade for best results.


Are Boxwoods perfect for your landscaping projects? Talk to Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals in Charleston for assistance and services related to your landscape dreams and designs. Try Boxwoods for a touch of gardening nostalgia that is easy to take care of!