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A healthy winter lawn leads to hardy spring grass and is an integral part of your overall landscape and curb appeal. Take steps to prepare and protect your lawn for the winter and reach out to landscape professionals in the Charleston area if you want or need assistance.

Some things to do now for a healthier lawn and landscape later are:

Cut it short.

When you are ready to cut your grass for the final time before winter, trim it down to around 2-2.5″ for best results. This will reduce pests and wildlife activity on your property this season, too.

Rake it up.

Rake leaves and remove debris to prevent damage to your lawn and landscape during winter weather. Make sure that your grass isn’t covered up from the natural sunlight, which can curb its growth and compromise its hardiness.

Fertilize before a frost.

Before the first frost, aerate and fertilize your lawn for a well-nourished greenspace come-spring. It is best to feed the grass before it goes dormant and you should see the results when the warmer weather and longer days return.

Apply mulch.

Use mulch for insulation and moisture preservation on your beds, gardens, around plants, trees, and along borders. Mulch curbs weeds while protecting the roots of your foliage and flora. Visit stores or sites to see the selection of distinctive mulch varieties, which are also good for the environment.

Weed out invaders.

Winter is a great time to kill annual weeds in lawns using selective broad-leaf herbicide. This creates a cleaner lawn going into the growing season next spring.

Give some shelter.

Protect your plants and grass from the elements as needed; Cover from ice and freezing temperatures and wrap during excessive rainfall. It should also be noted that there are times in the summer months, too, that your plants need a little help coping with the environment. Be wary of excessive heat and drought when tending your landscape next year.

Water sparingly.

Most irrigation clocks have a seasonal adjustment setting which makes it easy to dial back watering times.  Some landscapes can forgo watering all together as we usually have wet winters in the Charleston area.

Get your lawn ready for winter; talk to Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals in Charleston for more information and assistance preparing and protecting your yard and garden. A little effort now promises a great looking lawn next spring!