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Ugh- crabgrass. Think about crabgrass early, and you will save yourself – and your lawn – a lot of grief later. This entails assertive crabgrass prevention, mainly via pre-emergent herbicides that will nip weeds before they get the chance to sprout.


Sick of dealing with crabgrass? Use some prevention:


Know the foe.

Do you know what you are up against? Crabgrass is an annual weed that often overtakes lawns that are neglected or under duress. Even if you are vigilant about taking care of your lawn, drought, drainage, or weather can cause crabgrass to thrive. Crabgrass is a very common issue among homeowners and consumers widely across the US and Canada.


Consider your options.

When it comes to dealing with crabgrass, you have a few options. Ridding your lawn of weeds may take an organic approach, or you could ensure efficacy with a number of chemical herbicides that are available. The final option- which warrants consideration- is preventatives and pre-emergent treatments that prevent crabgrass from appearing in the first place.


Timing is everything.

When implementing a pre-emergent strategy, timing is crucial. You will want to take in account the early-spring and warm weather of the southern US when scheduling preventative lawn treatments. Typically, the first of May makes sense of applying crabgrass pre-emergent treatments, but if you are in the heart of the South, bump it back a little to early or mid-April. Never apply your preventative when rain is expected, and don’t mow for a couple days after.


Get healthy.

Another way to combat crabgrass is by keeping and maintaining a healthy lawn and green-space. Start smart habits that will keep you on top of weeds, before they can take over. For instance, plant hardy grass and turf for your grow-zone, and properly water and fertilize your lawn. Aerate your lawn regularly, too.


Go pro.

If this sounds like a lot of work to you, talk to Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals for reputable landscape services and a healthy, hardy lawn in and around Charleston. They will prevent crabgrass in the spring and keep an eye on your lawn for any issues throughout the summer. Know that crabgrass can also wreak havoc on hedges and shrubs, so have your landscaper assess and treat these areas of your property, too.


It makes sense that prevention is a great start to preventing crabgrass this summer; talk to professionals about early-spring treatments and pre-emergent herbicides to address weeds before they can grow. Remember to reach out for professional landscape assistance and lawn care, as needed, to ensure a lush green-space. Don’t spend your free-time weeding and worrying about crabgrass this summer; address it early and keep your yard from being a breeding-ground for creepy crabgrass.

Keep your landscape pristine and protected with the services of Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals in Charleston.