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Even if you spend hours mowing, trimming, and planting, it is possible that your yard doesn’t necessarily echo your own preferences and panache. A landscape design and services company can assess your current property and help you define your landscape style.

Does your backyard landscape reflect your personal style?

You are edgy and hip.

If you consider yourself to be hip and open to try new things, make sure that your landscape reflects this. Let new plants, unique tropicals, and fun accents guide your yard and garden. Try new technologies, like irrigation and solar lighting, or shake-things up with a state-of-the-art outdoor sound system, light display, or water feature. If your landscape style is edgy and hip, you are always changing things up!

You are serious about your yard.

If you are serious-minded, show this in your landscape design with practical lighting solutions, garden uniformity, and a property that is well-manicured, mowed, and maintained. Serious landscape design is pragmatic and takes a realistic account of how much time it will take to nurture.

You like to entertain.

If you like to enjoy a good time with family and friends, make sure your landscape style demonstrates this. Your yard and garden should accommodate friends and visitors with furniture, features, and outdoor amenities that keep the party going! From top-of-the-line conversation furniture to a pool, and from an outdoor kitchen to your hot tub, the goal of your exteriors is to have a good time.

You are warm and welcoming.

If you are warm and welcoming, create open, inviting areas in your yard and garden to sit and reflect. Dedicated spaces, like play areas, allow a safe and fun spot for kids that visit, while comfy furnishings and an outdoor heater make adults feel at-home, too.

You want to relax and unwind.

If you like to maintain a chill and relaxed vibe, go with low-maintenance landscape style. Talk to a landscape expert about the best native species for your grow-zone. Your greenspace should include a comfy place to sit, under a serene pergola or arbor, for a soothing view.

You are cool and contemporary.

Some of the coolest people are conscientious about the world they live in. Exude a Zen-vibe and good chi’ with eco-friendly hardscapes and native plants. Create balance with a water feature, like a fountain or small man-made pond; provide for the environment with feeders or plants that bear fruit for wildlife.

Does your backyard and landscape reflect your personal style? Talk to an experienced landscape services professional at Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals in Charleston for the best ways to add a touch of yourself to your home’s exteriors. After all, the best curb-appeal gives a glimpse into the style and personality of the homeowner; make sure that you are doing your exteriors justice!