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Is your yard, property, or greenspace all that it can be? If the condition of your exteriors would have a landscaper pulling out their hair, you could be falling prey to some common landscape design errors. Here are eight mistakes that can make your landscaper crazy:


Crowding your plants.

The first thing that can drive your landscaper crazy is over-crowding; this not only impedes the looks of your curb appeal but can also hinder the plants’ ability to thrive. This includes too many rows in beds, tangled tree trunks, and plants that are unable to breathe and receive sunlight.

Choosing the wrong spots.

Another thing that makes landscapers mad is planting in the wrong spots, such as planting shady varieties in sun or not providing the right soil drainage for your plants. Figure out what the sunlight situation is before opting to plant something that may – or may not—thrive. Not sure? Talk to your garden or landscape professional.

Failure to plan.

A garden is a similar undertaking to other home projects and is worthy of a thorough plan. This includes diagramming and drawing-out what, where, and when different species will be planted. Failure to make a plan can compromise the overall aesthetics of your property and greenspaces.

Forgetting about color.

Don’t be skimpy when it comes to color. While monochromatic color-schemes are fine, add some pops of color here and there for visual interest. Maybe it is a flowering shrub amid a green backdrop, or some gorgeous blooming borders along your driveway, skipping color is a disservice to your property and another mistake that makes landscapers crazy!

Ignoring hardscapes.

Make sure that you are not overlooking hardscape features of your property when coming-up with a landscape design plan. Before designing the beds, gardens, borders, and hedges that will grace your greenspace, consider elements that are fixed and unlikely to be moved or relocated, such as retaining walls, fountains, bird baths, and even potted plants.

Overlooking scale.

Another error often made is to ignore the scale of each garden element; tiny plants will fail to impress if you have them in a large, open space. Likewise, a large tree or shrub can dwarf and crowd a small spot. Be cognizant of how tall each plant can reach, as well as what the potential spread, or width, will be when nurtured and mature.

Pairing plants improperly.

Use care to ensure you are not pairing plants improperly. If you strive for a specific color-scheme, you might be inclined to pair plants that don’t necessarily go well together. Consider the water and sun requirements when pairing plants together to provide the best opportunity and conditions for them to thrive.

Missing-out on texture.

Is your greenspace missing out on textural elements? Use various textured plants, like shrubs, grasses, vines, and flowers, to create your own distinctive landscape that will create interest and capture attention.


Try to avoid these eight landscape design errors often made by homeowners. For a beautiful greenspace without the labor, work with a skilled landscape services company in the Charleston area, like Natural Tendencies Landscape Professionals. These professionals have expertise working in the South Carolina climate, helping create beautiful and hardy landscapes for their clients.